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We build with you

Our clients come from the ICT, business services, government, semi-government and healthcare sectors. People-orientedness and talent management are part of their culture.  They value the development of their people and want to employ the best instruments for managing targeted growth.

We are like blacksmiths in our collaboration with them. We embrace our clients’ ambitions. Your ambitions. They are like liquid metal to us. We forge with you with our mastery in measuring and talent development. We contribute to building teams and a vital organisational culture. Until we achieve the perfect result.

PROUD of | GAC Business Solutions

Growing together

GAC Business Solutions successfully implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 in middle market companies. GAC has been employing Personality at Work since 2015. The premise: cultural change to facilitate new opportunities.

Managing Director Erik van Driel: “We are investing in an organisation in which the client and the employee are central. We use Personality at Work to gain an insight into where applicants, employees and teams stand with our core competencies and what their growth potential is. It gives them an insight and tools for development. When employees and clients grow, GAC grows too, and we fulfil our Growing Together promise. Personality at Work helps us with that demonstrably.”

PROUD of | Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Matching people and work

“We employ Personality at Work to achieve the best match between people and work.” Inge Berting is one of five career coaches within the NS | Mobility & Employability department who is trained to use Personality at Work. There is a strong focus on personal and professional development within NS. The coaches match career aspirations with talent on behalf of their clients.”







PROUD of | Bosman & Vos en Greenpeace

Planet first

Nicoline Franken is a competent and experienced recruiter and organisational advisor. She is an associate at Bosman & Vos, a consultancy agency that focuses on organisations active in the social domain. Along with colleague Francine van Rosmalen, she uses Personality at Work.

“We used PaW to set up a new team of coordinators at Greenpeace. We looked at leadership styles, complementarity, competencies and the development potential of those. PaW clarifies what personality traits someone possesses and how much influence this has on the performance. Individually and as part of a team. A valuable process, with a great new team of coordinators.”

“I found it daunting, but perceived the assessment as a confirmation of my personality and competencies. Somewhere deep inside I knew I was analytical and had a strong profile, but now I had it in black and white. As if I had been launched.”

Jochem Booij
Project Manager DF&A
Dutch Tax and Customs Administration


WHAT & HOW assessments

Personality works

Who are you and who is your organisation? What makes you tick?

Personality at Work helps organisations to develop. Helps you to grow. It’s the measuring methodology that unlocks potential and provides a foundation for a talent management that makes your organisation stronger.

Clear profiles provide employees with an insight into their natural strengths. We teach management and HR to use the profiles to bring out the best in people. That is how we integrate Personality at Work into your organisation and help build a vital culture that utilises people’s potential.

“I regard a PaW profile as a good instrument for talent development. It is a starting point with a kind of baseline measurement for us. What stage is someone at and what is his or her potential? How can someone grow?”

Eric Revers
Managing Partner TopBI

Development assessments

Howdy, I'm your potential

We believe an assessment should inspire people to get the best out of themselves. So we explore what’s within you to find your potential. We show you your strength. Your deepest motives for excelling. Which traits are helping you and which work against you. What you can do about it.
All this we write down in a concise report that serves as a roadmap for development.

Are you ready to meet your potential?


“Personality at Work proved the silver bullet for making our selection process watertight. Certain competencies are difficult to test in job interviews but yet play an important role in a candidate’s success. VilaVerde includes these in their assessment.”

Denise van Ooijen,
HR-director Marcommit


Selection assessments

That one colleague

For each vacancy you search for that one person. Who will give 100% of themselves. Who will grasp the role and add value to your team and your organisation.

That’s exactly the person we find for you. We bring out the essence of your candidates and translate this into characterological and functional suitability for the role. That way, we can make accurate estimations about a match between the person, the role and your culture.

“At Quadraam, we want to nurture all talent. The well-designed, solid PaW Leadership Profile facilitates that and makes an impact. It offers a keen awareness of one’s qualities and a validated point of reference for further personal growth.”

Hans de Reus
Manager HRM Quadraam

Leadership assessments

We owe it to you

Each type of organisation and each phase of development require a particular type of leadership. That is why we measure different dimensions of leadership. That way, we ascertain whether you as a manager can give your people what they need to grow and do their jobs even better. Whether you can take the team and the organisation closer to the end goal that contributes to a better world.

If you can inspire your people to become better versions of themselves, they grow and so does the organisation. And your organisation gets managers that contribute significantly to a vital future.


‘Personality at Work is an instrument I trust blindly. That is essential in my job as a study advisor and organisational coach. At the same time, it provides elaboration, which always leads to useful, inspiring and reflective coaching discussions.’

Monique Tewes
Consultant &
PaW Practitioner

For HR professionals | become a PaW Practitioner

Make a difference

The PaW Practitioner education broadens your knowledge and expertise as an HR advisor. You learn to read PaW profiles and thus people and how they operate. It gives a scientific basis to the advice you offer. About the best professional or manager in the best place. About the composition and effectiveness of teams. About development of potential and career development.

Personality at Work helps you make the difference as an advisor. We don’t take over your role, we support you.



‘Because my candidate was able to clarify so clearly where certain things came from and how she could improve them, she achieved tangible and visible results very quickly with a little coaching.’

Inge Berting
Career coach NS &
PaW Practitioner

Philosophy | science with a personal touch

Every PaW profile we send you is psychometric craftsmanship for your candidate. Not a standard report, but a scientific analysis of that specific person. With focus on the intrinsic potential that has not been discovered yet.

It enables you as an HR professional to help people rise above themselves and take control of their growth. That’s the magic Personality at Work offers you and your organisation.


For HR professionals | history of the methodology

Expertise for you

In 2000 we adopted the NEO-PI-3 as an instrument for personality assessments. That set off years of development on the system. By now our assessments have their own place in the market. Thanks to the accurate measurement of talent and potential and ‘add-ons’ such as aptitude for competencies and function roles. But also because of our personal attention for the candidates and the organisation, which are just as much part of our approach.

We decided to start sharing our knowledge and expertise in 2014, because we believe in ‘growing together’. At that time methodology evolved into education. All our expertise is consolidated in that for you to pick the fruit.



“At PaW Campus, I feel like part of a group of inspiring professionals I can approach for intervision and for sharing common ideals in respect of people’s strengths and resilience. And there’s also attention for your own personal development at every intervision event. A bonus!”

Patricia Hoekstra
Career coach NS &
PaW Practitioner

For HR professionals | PaW Campus

Keep learning

PaW Campus is a growing and inspiring community of advisors who use Personality at Work. Some work independently, others are HR employees in large or smaller organisations. All are specialists in recruitment & selection, career coaching or organisational development.

We believe that continuous learning and information exchange are important. And enjoyable. In fact, PaW Campus’ objective is to keep enriching the knowledge and expertise of PaW advisors. To that end we organise an event with members at least twice a year and thematic workshops in the interim.


SPECIALS | Use your potential

Perspective on growth

Organisations grow when people grow. Teams become stronger when team members utilise one another’s valuable attributes. You grow when you decide so and take action.

We believe every change should be an improvement. Our programs  include in-company training, teambuilding, open training courses and coaching. The point of departure is what’s already going well. And that is sometimes more than people think. Our working style is generally practical, profound when necessary and always with the end goal in mind. We do not teach tricks, we facilitate transformation.




SPECIALS | Empower yourself

Self-management & Impact

You are a manager or a professional and you want to take the next step in your professional development. And thus in your personal growth, because that’s the basis of your professional power. Your learning objective could be to improve your self-management ability, your own presentation and self-confidence in that respect, or the quality of your interaction and communication with others and your management style. Whatever it is, Self-management & Impact training offers you a  customised learning process.



SPECIALS | Empower your team

A solid foundation

A strong team is not down to luck, you create it. That is what we do with our teambuilding sessions. You gain an insight into each other’s qualities, how you interact and how you can make each other stronger.

The programme for a team event is always different, because so are the requirements. However, the outcome is always the same: more trust, finding more common ground with each other, collective growth, having the confidence to give better feedback, and positive energy to achieve shared objectives. That is how you build a strong team with a solid foundation.




Voor wie

Het leertraject Systemisch Leiderschap is effectief voor professionals die regelmatig in complexere omgevingen opereren. Dit kan zijn wanneer je een intern adviseur bent, project manager of als lijnmanager een team of afdeling aanstuurt. De gemene deler is, dat je te maken hebt met het creëren van draagvlak en onderstromen in team of organisatie.

Het leertraject haakt sterk aan bij je professionele praktijk. Niettemin vraagt het wel het een ander aan ontwikkelde eigenschappen om de materie goed te kunnen integreren: een mate van flexibiliteit, creativiteit, omgevingssensitiviteit en zelfreflectief vermogen of in ieder geval bereidheid dit verder te ontwikkelen. Je bent je ervan bewust  dat er zich in een organisatie naast rationele processen, ook veel niet-rationele processen afspelen die invloed hebben op de betrokkenen en het project of adviesvraagstuk.

Doel en resultaat

De opleiding maakt je effectiever in probleemanalyses en procesinterventies. Hierdoor creëer je betere samenwerkingen en een succesvoller verloop van projecten en adviestrajecten. Je hebt geleerd zeer snel systemische krachtenvelden te doorzien en te hanteren. Je hebt geleerd wat systeemdynamieken zijn, hoe je deze herkent en welk effect deze hebben op de organisatie, de voortgang van het project en het functioneren van het (project)team. Je hebt oog gekregen voor de gelaagdheid die aanwezig kan zijn bij weerstanden in een team of organisatie en hoe je hier oplossingsgericht in kunt interveniëren. Je hebt meer zicht gekregen op je eigen leiderschapskwaliteiten en persoonlijke patronen die hier invloed op hebben. Al doende zul je als neveneffect verder zijn gegroeid in je stevigheid als adviseur en (project)manager en je intuïtieve scherpzinnigheid hebben vergroot.


Het leertraject bestaat uit zes dagen en één supervisiemiddag met een totale doorlooptijd van circa zes maanden. De aangeboden theorie behandelt kennis over systeemdynamieken in organisaties (Weber, Stam, Hellinger), veranderkundige aspecten (Organisatiedynamica / Homan) en interventiemogelijkheden. Ook wordt gebruikt gemaakt van theorie en technieken uit Neuro Linguïstisch Programmeren en de Transactionele Analyse (Berne). Door middel van oefeningen leer je verschillende technieken om situaties op te stellen waardoor je krachtenvelden, eventuele problemen en oplossingsrichtingen in beeld kunt brengen.

SPECIALS | Empower your organisation

Systemic Leadership

Systemic leadership safeguards the balance of the organisational system as a whole. The more a system is in balance, the better people can fulfil their tasks.

During this six-day training, you learn to understand and manage the force fields beneath the iceberg better. The training is given via open enrolment as well as in-company. It aligns strongly with your professional practice.  You get a combination of theory and a great deal of development of skills relating to attitude, and development of intuition and sensitivity.


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We are blacksmiths

VilaVerde is the name of our agency behind the Personality at Work products and services.

For us it’s all about one thing: revealing and forging your potential and that of your organisation.
That may seem little but potential is infinite. And once you’ve seen it, you can’t go back.


Personality at Work is a product name of:

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Being meaningful

From our very start in the year 2000, we wanted to make a positive and visible contribution to the growth and lives of people and organizations. With every intervention, regardless big or small.

Being meaningful is what counts. That and long term relationships with our clients by cherishing them and making them utterly satisfied with our services.

If you want our values respect, integrity, creativity, connection and result orientation to shine upon your goals as well, we’d be happy to meet you too!


Personality at Work is a product name of:

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